Since the 1990’s, there has been a growing understanding throughout Asia that Tasmania meant quality: quality of produce, quality of air, quality of water, quality of life.

In 1999, a  far-sighted Chinese family saw the potential to turn this quality into something that would truly connect Tasmania with their home of Beijing in northern China…a way of bringing the best of Tasmania to China and, in return, bringing some of the magic and excitement of China back here.  And so Nocton Vineyard was planted.  Now, with mature vines & a string of accolades, Nocton proudly celebrates a Chinese Tasmanian collaboration producing world class wines from the Coal River’s ancient soils.

If you’d like to experience Nocton Vineyard and many other Coal River Valley Vineyards on offer, book a wine tour with Ageing Barrel today using our convenient online booking form below.

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